My project: The Dangers of Instant Messenging and Social Networks

My project was about the dangers of instant messaging and social networking and I planned it on (Beta version). My audience mas mainly parents who have children between 11-17 and the purpose of my project was to make parents aware of what is possible to happen to children left unattended on the internet.

I chose PowerPoint because I could get straight to the point with the information and not have to write unnecessary text. I used a variety of tools like Diigo for gathering information and youtube for videos. To put video into PowerPoint I had to use a macro supplied by my tutor.

To find the information I needed, I used google mainly and the whole project was quite easy but I did need help using because I had never used a online application of that type before.

I need to include E-mail and non-ICT sources in my next project otherwise I won’t be able to pass my E-Quals qualification.

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