My ICT Project


I decided to do my ICT Project on Geisha, as I am very interested in Japan, and wanted to dispel the myths surrounding the life of a Geisha.

It is a subject I already know a bit about, as I have read a lot on Japan and its culture. I wanted to highlight the fact that Geisha work very hard to perfect the arts of music and dancing, and are considered guardians of  Traditional Japanese Culture.  The training is particularly hard, and many do not make it to the end of the rigorous training process to become Geisha.

The websites I found to be most helpful were Wikipedia, Youtube and as they provided useful information.  I also cross-referenced this information with books on the subject to check it was as accurate as possible. Sayuki’s website (  is particularly interesting as it is written by an Australian lady who became a Geisha.  I used Word as it is the software with which I am most familiar.

I enjoyed researching the subject and discovering new facts.  Some parts of the formatting were a little tricky, but I am happy with the results.

I can honestly say I learnt a lot from doing this project.






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