Individual Role In My Organisation

This is my organisational chart for the company where I work. Green Light Technology Solutions is a small comapny with one managing director and one shareholder and 5 staff. Paul Jones’s role as the Managing Director is to run the businees, make the big business decissions, make sure the business is running efficently, keep all contacts happy and also does work as a member of staff. This involves doing installations and providing support to customers over the telephone. Kelly Lewis is the accountant, her job is to handle all the money in the business. She is in control of invoicing customers for work we have done and making sure that they pay us. She is also in charge of our expenses for travelling out on site to do installation or repair work. Mark Jones and Shaun Collard are the I.t Consultant’s/Technician/Network Enginers, their job is to work in the office, answering telephone calls from customers who will ask for advice or pricing for products or help with their equipment. If the customer reports a problem that can be fixed remotely then they will make a ticket on our Kaseya software of the issue, then remote on to the machine using Kaseya and fix the problem, while keeping the customer informed with the status of their job. This is vital to keep a good relationship with the customer and to keep them coming back. If the problem can not be fixed remotely then someone will go out to attend site or the customer will arrange for us to collect the equipment and I will fix it at Green Light. Leigh Dickson isn’t based in the office very often, his main role is to go out to various sites provided by our main partner, Pinnacle Office Solutions, he will pick up the equipment and go to site to install. This could be photocopiers, printers etc. My role in the business is very similar to that of Shaun and Mark Jones, if the phone rings I will answer it and attempt to solve the customers problem, if I can not solve the problem myself then I will ask for guidence from either Shaun or Mark to help. I am also in charge of repairing all customers equipment that enters in to the office. My role is equally as important in the business as I can be there to answer the phone and provide support to the customer when Shaun and Mark are often held up on other calls. This helps the business keep a good image, as well as helps me learn how to solve more problems. I have recently found that I am much more confident on the telephone and attempt to solve more problems, I also find that I am reporting the status of my jobs to my collegus much more who I am more confident around. One of jobs I am most pleased with doing so far in Green Light was helping M&P re opening within a week of a fire destroying their premesis. This was due to succsessfully repairing and setting up over 30 broken customers computers in storage, who we were able to lend to M&P so they could get back to running their business. There has recently been news that there may be a job to destroy data off 1,500 computers from a financal company, which I will have a big role in doing if we get the contract.

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