Working Practices and Improvement

There is always room for improvment, especially in the world of work.  I believe I can always improve my work. I always try and improve my confidence. Also try and increase the amount of work I do each day, as well as always trying to find more work to do.  I always believe I can do better, I enjoy learning more knowledge about I.T to help me through my day to day job. I wish that one day after having pleanty experience that I will be at a standard of that or higher than my collegues so one day I could move up into having a pernement job placement in a well established I.T organisation.

I also believe that the company where I work could always improve. I believe we could offer more support for different ranges of products such as MAC os machines, if we had the equipment and software to do so, also could provide more support for telecom devices. I also believe that we could improve our website and invest more in advertisment, to grow and enquire new customers and bigger contracts. I also believe that Green Light could invest and purchase new products that we could and on to our customers for a profit. This would also improve the relationship between our customers and us as we would be providing them with a better service than other I.T support companys in the area. We could also invest in a technician who can go visit customers premesis as soon as they report a problem, instead of trying to book someone in, sometimes weeks in the future while the customer is still having the same problem. We could also employ a programmer to programme software for our different customers who all have different business needs.

These ideas are all very big and sudden for a small business development, but I believe that a slow growth involving taking any of these ideas on board would benefit the company’s revenue and profit in the years to come.

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