Where has the time gone.

Well we are in the Thirteenth week of our Course.  Can’t believe how quick it has gone.  Some of us will be staying on for another 3 weeks as Guinea Pigs, ha ha.  Looking forward to being a test rat for ITEC.

The only draw back will be Mr Luke Mogford will not be staying on with us.  We will miss you Luke.  The wit of this boy has kept us going.  He will be gone Just like at.  Sorry Luke think i put it the wrong way round.  Teresa Dainty i will miss you to when you finish your last exam.  Never mind, life goes on so they say.  May group we simply the best as Tina Turner would say.  Well i am off to Gwelli, see you all Monday.

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1 Response to Where has the time gone.

  1. lmogforditec says:

    Well, well, Julie, I will be gone Jus’ Like That, not like at but like that 😛 I mayt be leaving but my sense of humour will hopefully never leave. It has certainly been a barrel of laughs with rhe comdians and comdiennes in May group. I agree with you and Tina Turner we are simply the best. I hope you throuoghle enjoy the rest of the course… Take care

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