6 months gone..

During the six months I have been at Itec I have learnt alot of new things, I have recently been enrolled on a small business server course too, I have learnt how to create users, install printers, look at the command lines and disable features for specific users. On the whole i feel my understanding and knowledge of IT systems has increased alot, I have stayed focused on the job at all times, and jotted down any notes to refer back to if ever I need them, I feel I know quite abit about hardware, installation and upgrades, as the course continues I hope to learn more on networking as i do alot of hardware & equipment,  installation and upgrades at my work place. Whilst in the workplace if ever I have free time i go onto the Intel website where i have signed up to earn credits to become an IT expert I have to earn 100 points and then take an expert test, when that’s done I will receive a certificate. My main job role in my workplace is building computers for schools, drugs and alcohol agencies, I would build a specific PC and then install software for them aswell. Then I would go out with a fellow colleague and install the PC for them, We will replace the old monitor (if required new monitor) make sure the software is up and running and then link up to there domain.

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