Sorry this is a bit late, but didn’t have enough hours to write it yesterday.  I would like to thank all Tutors at ITeC for all their help, advice and friendship over the last four months.  I loved every moment of the course and it was made even better by the wonderful staff that are employed at ITec.  I would like to thank you  Mair  for all your kindness and advice, you are a wonderful tutor and I think friend.  I could always chat to you with ease and you always gave me wonderful advice.  You are an asset to ITec.  I will miss our chats and i think we had quite a few laughs along the way as well.

I would also like to thank Elena (ALONA) the mad Russian, as i think you called your self.  You are a wonderful person and  like i said to you MS Chetri you are a true Angel lady.  I will miss your wickedness and kindness that you showed to everyone, especially to me.  I do not think i have ever met anyone with such a big personality before in my life, you shine like a beacon, you care so much about people, that is a true gift.

Thankyou to Stella for all the help you gave me, nothing was to much trouble for you.  You were always willing to help and give advice if I ever needed it.

Also thankyou Leia for your workshops.  The last one about how much paint and paper you needed for a room, is going to help me a lot.  Especially as I am painting my kitchen.  Trouble is I have bought it already.

Thankyou Diane for the help you gave us all.  I had my interview today with Age concern for the voluntary work I want to do.  I came away from there with three application forms for jobs in that sector.  So things are starting to look up.

A big thankyou also to Robyn, Helen and Tracey.

Last but not least, thankyou Sean, you helped me a lot not just with work, but with understanding a lot about life, especially that site you showed us.  I wonder if that American drunk is still on the floor in the supermarket.

Good luck to all the learners in ITeC, you will do it, especially with the wonderful Tutors who work at ITec.

Goodbye and Good luck to everyone of you, it was a pleasure meeting you all.

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  1. Leia says:

    All the best — I’m sure you’ll go on to do well! (And do think about a training role — you’re a natural!)

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