Learning styles and Mulitiple Intelligences

  1. In my learning styles quiz it has shown  that I’m 36% visual, 29% auditory and 34% kinesthetic.
  2. And in my multiple Intelligence quiz I scored high in verbal Linguistic, Bodily-kinesthetic and Interpersonal. Medium in Visual-Spatial, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic and quite low in Logical-mathematical and musical.
  3. I have been classed a Kinesthetic (physical) learner. This has shown me that I am a hands on learner and I’m interested more in the physical side of things instead of the theory, which I think isn’t accurate as I like finding out the theory first before putting in to practice but also I do I like to get involved and voice my opinion,  so the quiz was accurate on verbal.
  4. With the learning styles quiz it showed me that I was visual compared to the multiple intelligence quiz which showed me that I wasn’t, I think here that the quiz has contradicted itself and also that the learning styles quiz was accurate because I like to observe first and be showed what to before I do it for myself.  I think the quiz  was right on the logical-mathematical because I’m not great with maths and definitely not great at sorting problems! Musical I think is accurate too as I do love music but cannot sing or play an instrument!

Where my learning style will help me to identify and complete tasks in different ways, you still need to show that you have the right attitude and quality to do the task. You will need to show:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Motivation
  • Flexability
  • Communication skills
  • Organisation skills


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