ESW ICT Project – Choosing your first Electric Guitar

For my ESW ICT project I decided to do a PowerPoint presentation. First came the planning, I completed a project planner explaining  the information I was going to use and where I would look for it. This helped as I could refer back to my planner throughout the project.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint because I know how to use it well. Firstly, I chose to do it on guitars as I already know a bit about them. I then chose to make it more specific by making the presentation about choosing your first electric guitar. I named it “choosing your first electric guitar” as I thought it was an appropriate name.

My first slide was just to introduce the presentation, so I only put the title, my name and a picture of an electric guitar on it. My second slide, called “introduction” was also an introduction although, this slide had a bit more text with a few bullet points about electric guitars on it.

The software features I used include slide transitions, paragraph formatting and inserting graphs and tables. The slide transition I used was call “push down”. I used the same slide transition on each slide to keep the presentation consistent. I also used the same formatting for all of the paragraphs to keep the presentation consistent. I only used one graph and one table as I didn’t want to use too many of them.

I got the information I needed for the presentation from “”, “” and “”. I chose to use Wikipedia because there’s a lot of information of the website and it has sources to check the information. As Wikipedia can be edited by anyone it can sometimes have incorrect information on it, which is why checking the sources can make the information off it more reliable. I used Strings Direct because I needed the information on for my graph. I used information off of The Top Tens so I put that the information came from there.

Finding the information I need off those websites was easy because they all had sub-headings that I searched through. I then skimmed the information within those sub-headings to find what information would be best to put into the presentation.

I think I explained things well in the presentation as I used lots of bullets points and didn’t use sentences that were too long. I also didn’t use any jargon to confuse people who might not understand what it means.

If I had more time I could’ve improved the presentation by added more slides and more information. I wouldn’t like to improve my skills using Microsoft PowerPoint as I think I already know ho to use it effectively. From creating the project I have learned more about PowerPoint and electric guitars.

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