Development of School Yard

I decided to use the development of Brynhyfryd school yards for my Application of Number project, because I would be calculating lots of costs, quantities and measurements.

I used Word to present my report, but I also used Excel spreadsheets and AutoCAD. Word was good to use because it has tools to add diagrams, tables and images with text. In spreadsheets I could use formulas to calculate totals.  AutoCAD had the drawing tools to create a scale plan of a plot of land.

I got the information for my project from my own measurements of the yards with sketches and also from a few websites to compare prices of materials. For example researched topsoil costs from 8 different websites, for example and  I found that these websites were relevant because they were UK companies who specialise in my requirements. These websites have a search tool to help find what I was looking for and I could also navigate through the menu system which categorised the products.

I decided buy the top soil from Bennetts Turf because they are a local company, they could deliver at a time convenient to the schools needs e.g. after the children had gone home or before the children came in and the price they quoted was way cheaper than any other company. I could tell these websites were reliable because they took secure online payments and had full company contact details.

I did not have any problems with copyright because everything I used in the project was my own work. I used an education version of the software AutoCAD which meant I was only allowed to use the drawing for learning purposes and not commercially.

AutoCAD software is quite challenging and I attended a course at ITeC to help me learn the tools. I didn’t use Diigo that much to save websites because I usually print out useful web pages. I find it more useful to have a paper copy to refer to. I found it quite easy to create the project report using Word and spreadsheets because I had previously completed ECDL which helped me learn how to use the correct tools.

I create a lot of drafts for this project and Stella gave me some extra formatting tips to improve the presentation, for example making sure fonts were consistent and images were sized and positioned correctly. I also needed to proofread, spell check and double check all the calculations.  I found a few simple errors and edited my draft for accuracy.

If I had more time I would have included the other building and development work undertaken at school, but I was advised to not make the project too long.

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