My project was on the British and Irish Lions, namely the 2013 tour of Australia. The Lions are a rugby union team composed of players from Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.

I chose this topic because I enjoy watching rugby, and also seeing how the team had a large number of Welshmen I felt as if it would be a good topic to roll with.

The software that I chose to use for this project was Microsoft PowerPoint. I chose this because I felt it would be an easier way to present the information and also because it is rather easy to use. I used images, slide layouts and also a master slide in order to make the presentation.

I got the information for my project from two sites. The sites in question were Wikipedia and the Lions official website ( The Lions official site was extremely reliable for obviously being the official site. Wikipedia was also found to be reliable after I compared the two sites information to see if the information presented was correct. The images that I used in the project were free of copyright, as they were from Wikimedia. To find the information I wanted I scanned through the sub headings of the websites and then skimmed through the pages in order to find relevant information. I gathered all the information and images and put the pages into Diigo, which is something that can bookmark pages so it was rather useful when it came to trying to remember the information.

A few things went well during the project, for instance finding the information needed for the project on the internet was incredibly easy.  There were no difficulties when it came to use PowerPoint either, though there was some brief irritation while messing around with a table. Using Diigo was also rather easy, it was rather helpful when it came to keeping track of the information and images I planned on using during the PowerPoint. The most difficult part of the project was finding the images to use for it. There was a severe lack of copyright free images that I felt were relevant enough to go into the presentation. Other than that everything went fine.

There were a few grammatical errors that were present during the first draft. Those were fixed and also by the final draft an additional page had been added in order to display more information about the 2013 Lions tour, namely the scores of the matches that were played. I added the additional page in as I felt that it would be relevant and helpful to the project, as it gives a more in-depth look at how the tour went for the Lions.

If given more time, the project could probably be improved in. More slides could be made giving more information on the history of the Lions. Also more in depth information about the points scored by players and the caps could have also been added. With more time better pictures could probably have been found to help make the presentation overall look better.

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