Final blog post

I have enjoyed my time here and learn’t so much in a relaxed happy environment. When I started at Swansea ITeC I wanted to learn more about the practical side of computers,  as I had had tried coding and more user based applications such as Word, Spreadsheet documents before and it was not for me. During my time in ITeC I have learned a lot more about the practical side and found that it is definitely better for me as I enjoy it. Apparently I have improved my English and Maths as well and I would like to thank the Tutors for all there help while I have been here. Before starting at ITeC I already had ESW Application of Number, Working with Others and IT but I needed to do Communications and Improving  Own Learning in ITeC. I had some difficulties with forskills as I am not strong in Maths and English.  This resource is good because it’s allowing me to improve in these areas. I am going to continue to practice my IT skills at home while I try to find a Job that suits my previous work skills.

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