I earlier completed my project based on the effects social media has on the audience local musicians are able to reach.

I chose this topic as I have always been interested in it and work on it myself, therefore already know quite a bit about it. I completed my project using PowerPoint, because the features such as ‘master-slide’ and the layouts were really helpful in presenting my information.

For my research, I used my own webpage and the YPN’s page for the information.-
These were good sites to use, because I know they are legitimate, current and reliable. I also know the sites quite well, so I found it quite easy to navigate. It was just a case of, scanning through the website, analyzing which bits of information would be useful to my project and which would not. Furthermore I did not have trouble with copyright, as all the information and images I used were my own.

Diigo was a huge help to me during this project as it was nice to have all of my information in one place.
I did not really have any difficulties during the project.

I only wish I was able to do a longer PowerPoint, as there was a lot more I could have done with it, such as add a time line showing how I schedule myself when working on a review.

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