My WWII Report

The topic of my project is how WWII had an effect on the world. I chose this as my project because It’s something I’m interested in and wanted to do something productive I could relate to and to also inform people about it.

To make my presentation I used PowerPoint, so I could get the best I could out of my project because it had a good setup for presentation including visual effects and animations. With PowerPoint I used Slides, Animations to make it more graphic. The layouts were mainly the same throughout the project because it was not necessary to change them, charts to show the scales of events and tables to show figures to make the data easier to read.

I got the information for my project from mainstream sites like and and ordinary sites like and The mainstream sites were the most suitable and trustworthy towards my topic but the ordinary sites helped me fill in gaps that were missing. I also knew they where trustworthy because they are well known trusted brand names that are known for giving accurate information and due to my own knowledge of WWII.

For the copyright I went on Creative Commons to find images and highlighted and bookmarked my results in Diigo then Mahara to show they were free for use. To help me find information I would scan the information in my head reading out the keywords and key dates to help find what was most relevant. I would continue to do that until I felt I had found everything that was relevant and helpful towards my project. After I felt as if I had found everything, I needed to decide what of the information was most useful. I would then bookmark and highlight the information I had considered most valuable in Diigo.

Thanks to the use of IT, it definitely would’ve been difficult to get my facts and present my work without the Internet, PowerPoint or Diigo. I wouldn’t have had been able to find facts, highlight or bookmark pages, or have a place to present my work. Diigo made it a whole lot more suitable to find my information and come back to webpages with the use of highlighting areas.

If I was not limited on my project I would have added a lot more pages with much more facts and detail so I could sum-up every detail about WWII, I could get a hold of and make the presentation a lot more impressive; not only to read but also look at.

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