The topic I have chosen to do is going to be about Communism.  I have chosen this topic as I love to read about the Soviet Union and I have always been into the USSR and I also have a little knowledge about the Soviet Union. I have chosen to do it on PowerPoint as it is really easy to use; also I can show people information about the cold war in a little show. During my PowerPoint I had used many different types of animations during the PowerPoint like getting pictures to move from left to the right and slide transitions. I also used sounds during my slide show and used master slides to ensure consistency and to make it seem a little more professional. The first lot of information I got from the website and the second lot of information I found from this website These websites had really good information, some bits were not relevant to the topic but most of the information was relevant to my topic. The reason why I know they are reliable is because I cross referenced the two websites with others and they both had similar information. I looked at the information on the website and then re-wrote it in to my own words. For the pictures I either looked for copyright free images by using Creative Commons or I made my own images using Paint. I skimmed these websites and looked for useful bits of information as I did not want to spend to much time on looking on a website that might not even tell me the right info and I also used headings and subheadings to quickly identify key areas. I found that using the IT equipment was very useful as I could find out information about the Soviet Union by using the internet. I found Diigo really helpful as I could just save it to Diigo and when I close I can just click on the link to send me back to that websites, this saved time when completing my sources slide. The only thing I found hard was getting used to  Diigo, it was saving it to Diigo that I found really hard, however after some practice I did get the hang of it, but besides that it was pretty easy. I could possibly find a little more information about the USSR as I would like to let people know a few more things about the USSR.

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