Start Of My Apprenticeship

My name is Nick Creaser and I’m starting my second apprenticeship at ITeC, after completing my level 2 last winter, I have now started my level 3.

I now work at Swan CD, which is a computer repair shop in Sketty, but also does repairs with products such as phones, tablets, printers and game consoles. I work mainly with the computers and laptops at the moment doing a wide range of repairs.

I have taken this apprenticeship as I want to become self employed at some point within the computer repair industry and I felt this would give me a lot of the experience I will need for that goal.

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2 Responses to Start Of My Apprenticeship

  1. Leia says:

    Back again! Sounds like a good, hands on placement – we’ve a few people in that kind of shop at the moment. Is there a plan for you to do the mobile stuff later on?

  2. labislwynitec says:

    Yes, I hope this will us loads of experience.
    Good luck with your business venture – I’ve been working for myself since I left uni and it gives one great please working for themselves.

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