First Apprenticeship

I first worked with computers properly on work experience with a company called Pccare. I was first introduced to them back in school on a 2 week work experience, then later after i finished school I went on to doing jobs growth wales with the same company. Which helps people to get work for experience and get paid for doing it to. That lasted 6 months then i got put on to a apprenticeship scheme with Pccare where i am there for another year.

Things i do at Pccare are typical I.C.T repair for the general community and some local businesses things like virus removel, windows and hardware repair pretty much anything to do with computers. I work with towers and laptops and i am also getting training on tablets and phone repairs but i mainly help out with the recycling side of Pccare. That includes going out on collections big or small in the van to pick up old or unused I.C.T equipment from local places or out of the area places. Then we refurbish them where we can or strip them down for parts or recycling (so i am quite familiar with most components with in a computer).

What i would like t0 get out of my training course are things im not to familiar with, so new things i am willing to learn and gain knowledge on such as install and configure ICT networks, technical fault diagnosis ect. I am also interested in learning how to deal with customers better and more frequent from the course.

What i would like to do in the future is stay with Pccare or a company like it or any company that deals with I.C.T so that all my knowledge that i have learned and already knew from my experience with computers don’t go to waste.

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2 Responses to First Apprenticeship

  1. Leia says:

    Great level of detail. PCCare seems like a company that genuinely “gets” how apprenticeships are supposed to work so I’m sure you’ll do well there. Is it mostly individuals you work with or small businesses?

  2. Stella says:

    You will be able to answer some great recycling questions during reviews, as part of the curriculum element called ESDGC (which means Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship)! 😉

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