First Apprenticeship day.

My previous work experience is when I first did the Traineeship here at Swansea ITeC, I did my work experience at Pentrehafod School as an IT Technician. Troubleshooting, repairing, supporting and maintaining a level of service which included IT Equipment and the overall Network. I have been an active computer user since I was 9-10 years old (8-9 years) when I first started using a computer for things such as Games and MS Paint, but around 2006 I started to use a computer more actively and start playing around with things even though I may have not (several corrupt Operating Systems).

I am back at Pentrehafod School as an IT Technician again, continuing on with the role I previously did in my work experience. Troubleshooting, repairing and supporting the IT devices and systems, I am also going to be in charge of the Digital Learning lounge that will be new to the school sometime in September, it will feature 2 Apple Macs, 20 Zoostorm Play Tablets, 20 Zoostorm i3 desktop custom computers, xbox 360, green screens and an 87″ interactive whiteboard.

I want to gain more experience than I already have within the technical side of IT, gain qualifications from the training I do at Swansea ITeC to also further my career and give me some qualifications towards new jobs and also gain skills that will help me continue on my path.

In the future I would like to continue growing my knowledge in the IT department and open up my own business which will aim at custom building computer systems to specification, IT Helpdesk for troubleshooting & repairing equipment that customers may have and also giving IT Training in the Technical field.

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4 Responses to First Apprenticeship day.

  1. Leia says:

    I think every who’s partly self taught broke a few things along the way! No better way to learn to fix them again! We’ve had some good workplacements in Pentrehafod, there’s good opportunities there. Interesting that the school have gone for non-Apple tablets – how are they finding them?

  2. nemeryitec says:

    Its good to see you would like to open your own business I hope some day you do end doing so. It was interesting to hear about you becoming in charge of the new digital learning lounge sounds cool/fun. Would like to know how that gets on?

  3. Monty says:

    Nice to see you progressing within the school, from work placement through to apprentice.

    I agree with Leia, I had to learn about computers after deleting some crucial dll’s a week after getting mine and needing to reinstall the OS. It was Windows 3.11 for Workgroups back then. Showing my age now 🙂

  4. Stella says:

    Pentrehafod have some exciting kit in their Digital Learning Lounge! Wish I was a kid again! 😉

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