My Training.

I previously come from and administration background having worked for the Department for Work and Pensions for 5 years. During that time I also developed my I.T. skills within the workplace and in my own time.

In addition to my full time role I was also a member of the web development team which maintained and created content for the office intranet  as well as troubleshooting any faults with software. I also established myself as an Excel expert (I still think I have a lot to learn) and was often called up to design/improve spreadsheets for teams within the office.

I also volunteered as a “Digital Champion” and participated in many workshops in which I advised members of the public/staff on internet use and safe browsing.  In my own time I fix/build computers for friends and family and and sometimes set up home based wireless networks.

My current role as IT Technician is currently part time until October as I have retained my responsibilities as a school Data Officer until a member of the team returns from maternity leave.  On a day to day basis I am often called up to solve a variety of IT queries ranging from hardware access, malfunctioning PC components, installation of components and web design. I often l contact the Neath Port Talbot Council IT Department if I encounter a Network problem I cannot solve locally as they often have specialist advisers who can give advice over the phone and via remote access.

In addition I recently liaised with a private company that was hired to improve the school wifi. I conducted a survey with the company boss to identify where improvements were needed and acted as a go between between the company and teaching staff to determine what improvements should be implemented.

I hope that by undertaking this course it will broaden my knowledge of IT in areas that I have identified need improvement. I also hope that the qualification will enable me to apply for more specialized jobs or take further training in more specialized fields such as networking etc.

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5 Responses to My Training.

  1. Monty says:

    Hi Martyn.
    It looks like you have a wealth of experience and I am looking forward learning alongside you and sharing our knowledge over the next 14 months. This will be quite an enjoyable experience for everyone, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Leia says:

    “Digital Champion” is a great role – it’s often the case that the technician ends up being the ‘keen one that has a go’ rather than always someone with the most training! How is the new wifi working out – does the school use mobile a lot?

    • msweeneyitec says:

      Yes definitely. In my case I was encouraged to take on the role as I was seen as the enthusiastic one on my team at the time. The installation is still ongoing but the intention is for the whole school to be wifi enabled. The teaching staff rely on I pads for many of their lessons, and their use over the whole authority seems to be growing.

  3. Stella says:

    It sounds like you have had a lot of experience with both the user and practical side of IT. Your motivation and enthusiasm will help you progress through the coursework quickly – what a great attitude!

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