Start of my apprenticeship

I am currently starting my level 2 apprenticeship as an IT practitioner

I am currently employed as a junior IT systems technician and till engineer within EPOS Systems LTD, a company that specializes in producing and maintaining point of sale systems.

I have a large amount of experience and knowledge in IT prior to starting at Swansea ITeC and look forward to expanding this knowledge

I currently help maintain and install the point of sale systems with the other engineers and would like to continue to progress in my role within the company.

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4 Responses to Start of my apprenticeship

  1. msweeneyitec says:

    Given your experience in IT do you see your future role as more technical, or would you like to move in to a more strategic position?

    • ryanadamsitec says:

      I’m looking to go more into a technician’s role, strategic positions are okay, but I’d rather do both, given a chance

  2. nemeryitec says:

    Its good to see that you would like to gain even more knowledge than you already know about I.C.T/computers and take it on board for your role within the company.

  3. Stella says:

    I’m glad you got the opportunity to access the practitioner course you wanted at the beginning of your traineeship. Yay!

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