Week Ten

End of week ten. This week was mostly spent job searching and doing some self-studying here and there. On Monday I spent the day job searching and self-studying, for that we had Holly. Tuesday was most of the day, with the continuation of job searching and fiddling about with my CV. We had Simon on Tuesday. On Wednesday we had Holly once again, in which I continued on with both the job searching and also the CV editing. Thursday we had Simon. And for the most part continued on with the job searching and CV editing, Simon also showed us something about programming which was entertaining for a bit. Friday we had Holly, and once again the day was spent job searching and editing my CV around some more. Was also given a certificate for one of the qualifications I have done here, not sure which one because I haven’t really looked at it. Also redid the ECDL initial assessment, not sure why though. As always looking forward to next week, hoping that it may be a tad bit more interesting than this one however.

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One Response to Week Ten

  1. Leia says:

    Best have look at that certificate before an employer asks you about it in an interview!

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