My second project.

My project is about Javea, a little town situated in the north of the province of Generalidad Valenciana on the Costa Blanca in Spain on the eastern most point of the Mediterranean coast.

I chose to do Javea as my project because I used to live there and I wanted to show people a little bit about this quaint town.

For my project I used Microsoft Word, I added text (Obviously), pictures of the beach, tables about the climate and tourism, and a graph on the population of Javea.

I got most of my information from Wikipedia and also the official site of the town hall of Javea. These were good sites because most of the information that I used was on both of the sites that I used ( referenced for facts). The pictures I used were mine from when I used to live there except 2 which I got from wikipedia commons (copyright free), with only one to give credit to, which I then added as a source in my project. I found most of the information by scanning the sub headings on the websites.

I found it quite easy finding the information as I knew what sites to use and where to look for the right information. Using Diigo (on-line bookmarking tool) helped me a lot because it saved me time and effort either writing or printing the information.

What I found difficult was trying to find the right information on the tourism, climate and population to add to the tables and graph in my project, I spent a lot of time looking through a lot of websites to find good, reliable information, I then added the data into the tables and graph.

I made a lot of improvements to my project from the first draft to the last, mainly aligning texts, grouping pictures, adding more information, and checking grammar. I made these changes because I want my project to be as good as my last one which I think it has come close but if I had more time to spend on my project I think it would be better than my last project!!

If I added more pictures and more information I think it would improve my project a lot, because I was only given a week to do this project.

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