End of the Course

The things that I have done on the course are learn more skills on the Microsoft office, such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. I have also learned other skills that will help me in my job searching and CV writing. The things that  have used on the course are the Microsoft Office applications, Moodle resources and Alison to practice for the exams.The things that I  have learned are how to do Mail Merge in Word, how to use Master Slides  and how to use the basic functions in Excel. The things that are difficult on this course have been doing the functions in Excel as I had never used Excel much before. I also found the mock interviews with John, hard as I was nervous and have only actually been to 1 interview before.

The things that I have learned with Computers might help me if I get a job within ICT. But the other things I have learned should help me find a job as my CV is up to date and better and my interview technique is also better. I have been looking for jobs within the sector of retail and ICT and with the qualification I have gained I hope to get a job.  The thing  will like to get at the end of this a job, and I will keep using my skills in job searching and IT to keep applying for jobs.

The things I have left to do on the course are; my last review with my tutor, Simon, and an exit interview with Diane. The things that I want to improve are my skills in the Microsoft Office packages and maybe do a level 2 qualification. The next step after Swansea  ITeC is to hopefully get a job within retail or ICT with the qualification I have got. I would also like to do an apprenticeship if the opportunity comes up, so I will keep checking Careers Wales for jobs and apprenticeships.



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