My last post.

Over the past 12 weeks to earn my ECDL qualification I’ve used Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, different types of browsers and other search engines, along with some blogging sites and researching. A lot of the stuff that was taught I already knew at some point, simply forgot about it, this course has jogged my memory in those cases and has taught me some useful tips and shortcuts using Microsoft Office. I’m quite proud at the fact that I knew a lot of this already and that itself has given me confidence in applying for advanced types of jobs in IT that I probably wouldn’t have in the past. I found Forskills to actually be the difficult part of the course, the questions were asked in a confusing way, answers were wrong and the website just gave me headaches every time I had to use it.

I’m hoping the skills I’ve learned from this course and having the certificates to back it up will help me get a job in IT that I can enjoy. Using Microsoft Word has helped me improve the quality of my CV and formatting and writing skills for covering letters.

I still need to do my last review with my tutor Simon, and have an interview with Diane before I leave, everything else should be complete. As for once I leave I’m gonna be looking into IT jobs and/or apprenticeships or even look into further IT courses and seeing from there.

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