The Final Blog, at last!

I’m about to complete a 12 week course in basic IT skills, leading to the ECDL qualification.
I’ve used Word, Excel, Powerpoint, several browsers and search engines, and some blogging software that I’ll probably never again use.  I’ve brushed up on my Office skills to the point where I have been able to pass the exams, and I may now be a little more employable.   I can’t honestly say that I’m proud of my achievements but I’m pleased to say that I’m not ashamed of them either.  None of it was particularly difficult. It’s just a question of taking the time to practice.

Until I actually get a job I won’t be able to say if this course has helped me in any way, but I have hope.  Other than studying to pass the exams I’ve not used what I’ve learned yet,  although I can see it coming in useful when letter-writing or helping the kids with their homework and, with a little luck, in the workplace.

It seems that all that remains is to complete this blog and fill in a couple of How-Did-We-Do forms for the establishment.   I always find those things difficult because until I actually come to apply my skills I won’t know what or where my weaknesses are.  As soon as I can identify them I can work on improving them.  When I leave here I will continue the soul-wrenching task of trying to find employment.

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