Another Week At ITeC

Another week has gone by here in Swansea ITeC and this week I have done a few things. I have been revising for am exam for this week, the word processing exam. That was easy as I know the basic things about Word anyways.

I have also been looking for jobs this week as well, got two interviews lined up. One for this Friday and a pre-assessment interview for next week (when the person calls me up to arrange a time).

I had a mock interview last week for a position that I applied for and John gave me hints and tips on what I would need to improve on my CV and interviewing skills, it has been a good help.

Today now I just completed by Word exam, hoping to get a good mark (better than someone that will not be named to be shamed ha-ha) . Also preparing for my interview for Friday, bit of research and background information.

Hopefully this might be one the the last few weeks here if I get this job, keep smiling :).

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One Response to Another Week At ITeC

  1. ldavies2013 says:

    I have beat you in everything so far nick, this will be no different 😉

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