Roger’s Half-time Blog!!

The whistle blows, it’s half-time! Alas no half-time oranges here, only more Blog entries!

I suppose I have achieved more than I originally expected in the first 6 weeks which is pleasing. I have successfully completed the first 2 exams (94% and 100%), I can live with that! Doing a project was good because it involved using various new skills I had learned, including PowerPoint, Diigo and others. I also taught myself Excel (to a degree!) using Alison, which I am pleased with. I got off to a slow start as most of the applications were new to me, which made things a bit difficult, but gradually started to get the hang of it! Very gradually!

What I had learned helped to complete the project and it will come in handy when looking for jobs and when employed. I used Excel in my project, when I devised a table and graph and exported it to PowerPoint. The more I used the applications, the more my confidence grew.

Although I still have a way to go (including sitting my Word and Excel assignment), I am still enjoying the course and am looking forward to learning more skills and improving my knowledge in all areas, including spreadsheets and word processing as these skills will help me get a job. After I leave Itec, I hope it will be into a suitable full time job (that I enjoy!) and I will be confident using the skills I have learned.

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