Could this be another ‘weekly’ blog?!

What enthralling things taken place recently? Well, I have unfortunately been off ill for a few days with a bad chest, cough, headache and general unwellness. Unwellness, although I doubt such a word exists, I quite like it and feel it should be added to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary)!

I can’t remember what, or for that matter when, I last wrote, so I will take a guess at what may be new news. I sat the Word exam and passed with a reasonable 98%, only 2 small errors let me down, whilst a tad annoying, I suppose I can live with! I have also done the Excel exam and keenly await the results. I should (hopefully) pass Excel, which is the last of the exam/assignments I have to do for ITQ. Normally, this sort of situation should make me feel happy, but I found out yesterday that I have not kept my IOL up to date or done anything on ForSkills (ooops!), so I have quite a large amount of catching up to do! I have started doing an “Alison” course on Access to learn a bit about databases, as I think it may be useful in future jobs and I am still learning new skills.

I can think of nothing further of any relevance or interest to add to the above gibberish, so will say goodbye, farewell, ta-ta, see you later, that’s all from me!




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