To infitiy and beyond!

This week I have mainly been doing revision for my improving productivity exam, which is the last module on the ECDL qualification.
On Monday we did some welsh but I got too annoyed at the say something in welsh site.. it is ‘esiau’ not ‘mwyn’ and Cymraeg isn’t pronounced ‘Cymrag’ but maybe I am just being picky!
We also did a workshop on employment and the skills needed for different lines of work. I found this interesting and it has helped me direction myself a bit.
I am also signed up too Oxjam! I will need to organize a local gig and fundraise and promote it myself, for the Oxfam charity which will help me direction myself on my road to a career in marketing!
Lucy out.

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One Response to To infitiy and beyond!

  1. Leia says:

    And in English it’s “computers” not “PCs” and an “assessment” not an “exam” and a “certificate” not a “qualification” and a “lesson” not a “workshop” and “employment” not “work” and “cross” not “annoyed” and “market” not “promote” and… 😛 😉

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