Application of Number

The topic for my Application of Number project is the ‘After School Club’, which  is run within my workplace. The reason I chose this project was because of the availability of data, over a two year period, for weekly expenditure and attendance.

For the project I have used Microsoft Word for the writing and Microsoft  Excel to convert the data into bar graphs and tables and sorting spreadsheet data to work out median and mode quicker. I used this software because I had used Word a little before, whilst Excel, though I had no experience of this, is designed to work with Word and allows for the easy transfer of information.

The information that was needed to help source the project came from the ‘After School Club’ receipts for weekly food shopping and from the children’s attendance register. I also used the  ‘School  Family Education’ and ‘Oxford Active’ websites for further information.  I found  information from the sites by searching for keywords and subheadings relevant to my project.  The sites were useful as they gave information on the benefits and purpose of After School Club activities. The sites that I used were reliable. I knew this as I had checked information from them with other sites, as well as discussing what I found with colleagues. Copyright was not infringed because I acknowledged and referenced the sites from which the information was obtained.

When I was completing the project, the resources that I found useful were Excel and Diigo. I used Excel to create and then enter attendance and expenditure data into tables and from this to produce bar graphs that displayed this information. Diigo was used to bookmark and highlight research from the internet when gathering extra information about after school clubs, which was then saved so that it could be used as evidence when completing the project. This project has given me confidence in using IT tools, as I had never used Excel before, and had always preferred to use Textease to Word. I found Diigo a useful IT tool, which I will use again when doing my background reading and when gathering information before starting a project or task. Also format painter tool to copy formatting quickly.

The IT resources that I found difficult whilst completing the project was Excel. I found it hard that after having created the spreadsheet, to convert this data into a graph. There were a lot of stages necessary to get the correct title, key and axis labels put into the graph. This did prove to be quite confusing and it took several attempts before I finally produced a graph that I was happy with.

For the project, I made several improvements and corrections from the first draft to the final draft. For example, I  reduced the overall font size , added colour to the heading and tables and changed the colour and layout of the tables and graphs so that they looked better. I copied the club logo on to the front page to make the document look more branded. I increased the header and footer and added page numbers to make it easier to read. I also corrected grammatical and spelling errors, so that the final document made better sense when read.

If I had more time to improve the project I would have collected the data over a longer period of time from both months of the 2 years. As the data was only collected from a week. This would have been an  increase of data and would have given a more accurate result.

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