Blog Post 15/10

What have you done?
In the workplace I have done a lot of work involving the removal of malware / speeding up systems for people.
What have you used?
The main products we use to improve performance are MalwareBytes, SpyBot S&D and CCleaner.
What have you learned?
That despite having an anti-virus with a very good reputation, users are not safe and most will still get virus’ / malware on their computers.
What are you proud of?
There have been a lot of happy customers at work who have thought they have lost all of their documents due to various issues, but none have lost any data with us.
What was difficult?
Some of the virus’ (mainly the met police virus) are a lot more difficult to get rid of and require a reinstall of windows once data has been backed up.

How has what you’ve learned helped?
The customer care work has helped to deal with some of the more problematic customers which we do get quite often.
How have you used it – at ITeC? In other units? In the workplace? At home? In jobsearch?
It has only been used in the workplace for me so far.

What’s left to do?
Finish off the software unit completely (any corrections that need to be done)
What’s next?
Finish off the health and safety module.
What do you want to improve?
I’d like to improve my consistency when completing jobs in order to make them more uniform and get into the habit of the routine so it becomes easier for me to remember

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