First and Second Day:(

So it is my first day in Swansea ITEC and that’s all we did was go over the boring rules:( We had to sign some more forms and listen to the staff tell us what the course is all about. We had a tour of the building which showed us where all the exits were and where we can have our food.

We also got told information regarding the course I am on, ie – who our tutors are and what we will be learning. EXAMS :(((

So far the first 2 days have been boring, I want to start learning how to repair computers.


On Wednesday I am going to be going to Mentor Technology to complete a traineeship.




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One Response to First and Second Day:(

  1. Leia says:

    You’re one of the lucky ones who’s got a placement already to go to. You’ll need to be quite flexible and self motivated on the days you’re in as you’ll be working on slightly different resources to the others. No exams in the ITP though, so that’s good news!

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