ITeC ftw

Well to begin I came in unsure of what to expect, as always you never know who you are going to meet. After the first few hours I felt really content and relaxed with the environment that was presented, and the students and tutors here are really pleasant and friendly and I can see myself becoming part of a very enjoyable community.

Induction day was barely bearable, the maths was simple, but the English was frustrating. There were lots of forms to signs, and policies to remember, but it seems necessary.

I am stuck between going down the IT Practitioner route as I enjoy the technical activities, but I am also debating going for Web/Graphic design as I also love being creative, especially with editing programs like Photoshop.

I am looking forward to studying whatever route I choose and using this opportunity as a stepping stone to launch me into the big wide world 😀

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One Response to ITeC ftw

  1. Leia says:

    Having a mix of user and technical skills is actually useful – the way I got into training was via trying to solve ‘technical faults’ that were actually people doing things wrong! So you always need a bit of both.

    if you progress eventually into an apprenticeship you get to choose a certain amount of optional modules which can be user if you’re doing practitioner or practitioner if you’re doing user so there’s a bit of flexibility.

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