What: So What: Now What:

What have you done?

Installed and configured a small business network for Port Health Authority consisting of 3 PCs and a Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive.

What have you used?

I used various installation disks as well as some network utilities to set up and troubleshoot one PC which wasn’t recognised by the DHCP server.

What have you learned?

This taught me quite a bit with regards to how IP addresses are assigned and some reasons as to why issues arise, such as Windows Firewall blocking the DHCP server and using APIPA to assign an IP address.

What are you proud of?

It is nice to deliver a system to a client and know that they are more than happy with your work.

What was difficult?

Understanding the acronyms, such as DHCP, when you have only seen them before and never needed to know what they meant or the purpose they serve.

How has what you’ve learned helped?

It will be easier now to progress further with network administration.

How have you used it – at ITeC? In other units? In the workplace? At home? In job-search?

Software installation is ongoing with regards to upgrades etc. and this will continue with the upkeep of ITeC’s network and the support that it needs.

What’s left to do?

The glossary needs completing.  I guess I will have to have a word with the others as this seems to be ongoing.

What’s next?

Onwards and upwards.  Still have many units to get through.

What do you want to improve?

I would like to improve my communication techniques as I feel this is something that will be of great need in the very near future…..

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