Work I’ve done in Itec

What I’ve done in Itec.

I have learnt how to write and set out a CV and how to improve them so you can get a job.I have also done job search. I’ve been searching what jobs there are available which include anything to do with Photoshop and editing photos. I used Gumtree & YouGov to search for jobs, and I changed the mile range on it and more results would show up.

We are in the middle of doing a project on what we wanted to learn more about, I chose Legal & Illegal music downloading, and why it’s bad to download illegal music. I created a PowerPoint presentation it and I’ve finished it.

We are also doing another project, showcasing our talent with ICT. I’ve used PowerPoint again because I’m comfortable using the software.
I’m still finishing it off, it’s almost finished. The work I’m doing is about What I enjoy using and that I know how to use it. I chose Twitter. In the PowerPoint I explain how to use social media, and how to use twitter and why I use it.

We also:

  • Completed Tracio
  • I started my Development plan
  • I  worked on Microsoft Office Word and Spreadsheets

I am enjoying my time here at Itec, because Mair is fab & the work is easy to do than school work 🙂

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