Bethan – My First Day at ITeC

My name is Bethan and I’m 16 years old. I attended Bishop Vaughan Catholic School in Morriston for five years and because I didn’t know what I wanted to do (career wise), by the end of the summer, I decided not to go back for sixth-form.

The only work experience I have is when, in Year 11, I did a weeks work experience in Neath Magistrates court. This is when I was interested in doing law in the future, but realized it wasn’t for me.

Since leaving school, I have had around three interviews, one of which I got the job for. I am currently working in AB Glass, which supplies glass (obviously), and many other materials. I work in the accounts department of the company, and this has really opened my eyes to something I never thought of doing before. My job also insists of greeting customers in reception, answering all phone calls – myself being the first point of contact over the telephone. The company is very successful having done many projects e.g. Liberty Stadium. I enjoy my days at the office and all the people there are very amusing.

From the qualification, I hope to achieve skills that will help me progress in the future – whether that be continuing the job I’m currently doing, or whether I go on to something else.

At this moment in time, I hope to see myself continuing down the line of accounts/finance in the future.

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