Geocaching Project

The topic of my project is Geocaching. I chose this topic because it is an interest to me and is current. I used Microsoft Power Point to present my project. I used this because it is the best suited software to make a presentation. It is quick and easy to use.

I got information from current Geocaching websites such as and These websites were good to use because all information is current and relevant, the websites are updated daily and the images are useful. I knew these web pages were reliable because they were checked in a search engine and are the official websites. I checked the copyright on images and then saved the evidence in Diigo. Once i selected the website I then used the links to find the information I needed. Any long pieces of text I skimmed and scanned and summarised the information.

Using IT generally went well when completing the project, Once I found authorization to use the images I wanted, I then saved it on Diigo. When drawing up my graph and tables in the project, the information I used to make these were highlighted on the web page that was used and then also saved in Diigo to back up the information on the chart and table. There were some images where I could not find the authorization to use the them freely in the public domain for my project which meant I had to leave it and search for other appropriate images. After completing the 1st draft of my project, I then had to make some amendments to it to submit my final draft. I had to correct some spelling and grammar. I had to add some information sources, adjust billeting style, add information into the table format, check that the formatting is consistent throughout the project and apply transitions and animations to the slides. I made these changes to my project because it makes the presentation better, it looks neater, it comes across much more professional when there are no mistakes and when there is consistency throughout the slides. It makes me better at self assessing my own work and being able to proof read and look for improvements to make. I will also get a better grade for my improved draft. If I had more time or skills I could have added things like videos or music to the presentation to improve it.

I used various IT tools which were appropriate for my project. I used bullet points to break down and summarise the important information i my text that i gathered. I used a table and a graph to sort and present information in a different and interesting way. I used email as an internet tool to communicate with my tutor when needing some advice on how to improve my project. I personally think that a strength of my project would be the table and graph because it is bright and attractive and it sends the information across in a different and easy way. A weakness of the project could possible be some of my bullet points because they could be seen as a bit lengthy whereas bullet point should remain short, sharp and straight to the point.

Looking at the benefits of the tools i used in my project I think using the power point templates made things much quicker and easier because the templates were already set for me to use. I also found using search engines a good benefit because I could access information a lot faster. I used Diigo toolbar to save web pages and images faster and used hyperlinks to web sources. I could have improved the productivity and effectiveness by creating short cuts to my project folder which would save time. I used my own colour scheme to make the project individual and my own. I used transitions as an effect to enhance the presentation to make it look better. The information on each slide is relevant and simple to understand for those viewing it. there are not too many words either.

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