My First Blog post

Previous work experience:

I have previously worked in a few different places working with IT, my first experience was with Swansea university tech support team where I did my work experience in school. I learned how to change server disks basic maintenance of computers, laptops and other devices. a while after leaving school then I had a 6 month contract in a primary school working as an IT technician for the council where I had a wide range of jobs such as maintaining user accounts fixing computers, laptops, whiteboard and printers as well as troubleshooting problems with the network and raising them with the Tech guys down at the council. Most recently I had another 6 month contract with CoedCae School in Llanelli where I was again appointed as an IT technician doing jobs such as changing passwords and fixing user accounts on the network also abit of cabling for the network as well as all general computer maintenance and day to day problems and troubleshooting.

Previous use of computers if any:

I have used computers at both admin level and tech level so I am quite capable in hardware and software of most devices and software

Your current job role including typical tasks you carry out:

Very recently I have been employed by a company called Macmillan distribution as an apprentice it analyst. My job role involves the same sort of thing as my previous jobs general troubleshooting etc but also I am having to learn about 3 different systems which the whole warehouse runs of which are called VISTA – the core system that the other 2 pull all there information and data from, MITRALS – which is the ware house management system people use it to book in delivery’s and ship out delivery’s its a very important that this system is running smoothly and the third one is called  PEEM – which is the system that runs all the conveyer belts it is also very important that this is running smoothly and the bar code readers and printers are all working as they should and not missing boxes otherwise the whole warehouse can come to a standstill till it is fixed.

What you want to gain from your training course:

I want to obviously gain the qualifications at the end of the course, but also I want to have a better knowledge of how networks and active directory works also a better general knowledge of troubleshooting problems as well as gaining invaluable work experience from working at Macmillan distribution and possibly a job at the end or going onto further education.

What you would like to do in the future (career aspirations):

Not 100% sure yet but defiantly something in the IT field I am mostly interested in networking setting up servers, cabling and setting up networks, although I am enjoying myself at Macmillan so far so possibly something to do with IT management.

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