Day One @ Swansea iTeC

Previous Work Experience

November 2006 – Present | Idols Swansea | Bar Supervisor

As one of the bar supervisors my duties include, but aren’t limited to:

– Providing high quality customer service as a barman.

– Dealing with any customer queries or complaints.

– Training new staff with topics including Health and Safety, CoSHH, Weights and Measures, internal processes, etc.

– General bar supervision duties i.e looking after staff, change for the tills, fridge stock levels and layout, use of the card machine, delegating jobs, being the main point of contact between staff and managers.


January 2008 – October 2010 | October 2013 – Present | Ltd | Systems Engineer

As a systems engineer my duties include, but aren’t limited to:

– Dealing with customer issues and finding the most efficient way to resolve them either by speaking over the phone, logging onto customer machines remotely, or visiting the customer onsite.

– Keeping a record of service tickets using our helpdesk software, ensuring each record is as detailed and up to date as possible.


Previous Use of Computers

I have always been interested in computers and technology since I was a young teenager, however it wasn’t until I first started working for in 2008 that I started to learn and understand the various uses of IT, especially within the work environment. During my schooling I learnt the typical uses of various Microsoft Office applications, perhaps with Excel and Access being the main types as they were the applications used whilst studying for my IT As Level. During my time at Pisys I have learned how to troubleshoot and administer Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2000, SBS 2003/Standard, Server 2008 and Server 2012; along with various applications including Sage, Act!, Matter Manager, etc. During the university course I attended I also learned how to proficiently use a 3D package by Autodesk called Maya.

Current Job Role

My current role at is as a Trainee Systems Engineer. This means that I am a member of the first line support helpdesk and will answer customer queries and resolve any issues that arise either remotely, over the phone, or whilst being onsite with the customer themselves. As have a wide range of clients, varying in sizes from 5 employees to 500 it’s imperative that all customer interactions and steps taken in the attempt to resolve issues are all logged in detail and kept up to date by using our helpdesk service ticketing software.


From this course at Swansea iTeC I am hoping to further my knowledge and abilities in troubleshooting IT issues, which will build a good foundation for me to go on and attempt to acquire multiple Microsoft Qualifications. In the future I hope to own my own IT company, providing high quality service, very much like Pisys if not Pisys itself.

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