ICT Project

The project that was done was Application of Number. The scenario for the project was that part of my job role was to research and choose travel arrangements and accommodation for my Manager’s business meetings. The manager was attending a two-day conference on the last Thursday and Friday of the next month. The dates however were changed to the next Thursday and Friday of January 2014. This was due to some complications that came with booking transport because the next Thursday and Friday in December were extremely close to Christmas.

There were several tasks that were needed to be done for the project. These were carrying out a survey for the preferred method of transport, researching prices and journey times for three transport methods. One of the transport methods was already chosen as going by car. I had to calculate the cost of petrol for two different cars if they made the journey from Swansea to London. The two cars in question were a 5 door Ford Mondeo and a 5 door 1.6 Peugeot 407 saloon. Then I had to pick the other two methods of transport and figure out journey times and prices for them in order to come to a decision on which method to use. After that I needed to research the prices of 3 different accommodation choices for the conference. As well as the cost for a day travel pass for the London Underground for each day the manager was in London.

The first thing that I did was calculate the price of petrol for the two cars. The calculations were done by hand with a calculator being used to check them. In order to get the price I had to figure out the miles per gallon of each car and then also find out the distance from Swansea to London. The sources that I used for the information were bookmarked with Diigo, a tool that lets you bookmark pages in order to keep track of them. After finding out that information I then needed to find out the cost of petrol. Due to the prices varying depending on the petrol station I went with the recorded average price (per litre). After getting all the information that was needed I then needed to do the calculations. All calculations done were rounded up.

I did this by first finding out how many litres were in a gallon, which I did via a Google search. After doing that I had to figure out how many gallons the cars would use during the journey. This was done by dividing the journey length by the MPG of both cars. Upon doing that I then multiplied the gallons used by the litres per gallon, in order to figure out how many litres were used in total for the journey. Then came multiplying the litres used by the cost of petrol per litre. The total cost for the two cars was Ford Mondeo: £26 and Peugeot: £21.

After finding out the prices for both of the cars I then moved on to researching times and prices for two other methods of transport. The two methods that I decided to use were train and coach/bus. I searched on Google to find times and prices for the two of them. Though in order to prevent the manager from missing any part of the conference the departure from Swansea to London was set for Wednesday, the day before the conference, while the return was set for the Saturday after the conference. This was done for both methods of transport in order to make the comparison fair. The costs for the two methods was train: £52 and coach/bus: £11. The travel time for the methods were train: 3 hours and coach/bus: 4 hours 36 minutes. Both of the costs was the combined cost for the tickets there and the return tickets.

The next task was researching the prices for 3 different accommodation choices. The address for the conference was:

ExCel London
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL

The accommodation choices were chosen based on the price and the distance from the address. The three choices that were researched were:

  • Holiday Inn Express London Greenwich – 4.1 miles away
  • Crowne Plaza London Docklands – 0.2 miles away
  • Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf – 1.7 miles away

All three of the accommodation choices are less than 5 miles away from the conference venue. With the furthest being 4.1 miles away. The hotels were booked for the Wednesday through to the Saturday, in order to fit in with the travel times for the methods of transport. The prices were £224.00, £406.00, £711.20 respectively.

The cost for the day travel pass for the London Underground was researched and found out to be £20.40 per day for the entirety of the Underground. The cost for all 4 days was worked out to be £81.60 which was rounded up to £82. One last thing that was mentioned was that the manager was given an allowance of £100 per day to cover for things such as food.

Out of the three methods of transport that were researched and compared the one that was chosen in the end was the coach/bus. The reason why this method was chosen rather than the others was because of the difference in price. While the two other methods were faster by an hour or so the bus price was cheaper by around £40.

Price is also the reason for the choice of accommodation. The one that was chosen was the Holiday Inn Express London Greenwich. While it is the furthest away by over 2 miles it is the cheapest of all three choices by just around £200, which is a large amount. I also factored in the fact that the ability to use the Underground makes the distance irrelevant.

In order to get a better idea of which method of transport to pick I conducted a survey. It was taken by the staff and other learners, totaling 21. The question that was asked was: ‘Would you rather go to London by train, bus, or car?’ The results of the survey were not that surprising honestly. Train was the most picked out of the three choices accumulating 12 out of 21 votes, more than half. The second most picked was car, which was voted for 7 times. The least picked option was going up by bus, which was only chosen by 2 out of the 21 people who were asked. The result of the survey did not affect the decision for which transport method I chose in the end. This was because the option that I chose was still the cheapest out of the three options. This also went for the accommodation, with price winning out over distance.

I think that the project went rather well overall. There was nothing that I found that difficult, though there was some complications originally with trying to get prices and times for travel. Though this was caused by the date of the conference being the 26th and 27th of December, which is the reason why the dates were changed to January 2014. Other than that finding some of the facts that were required took quite awhile. Things such as trying o find the miles per gallon for both of the cars as well as trying to find the price of petrol, mostly because of the fact that the price of petrol varies throughout the UK. If given more time I would improve the overall look of the project. I would probably try to add in some more screenshots in an attempt to try to explain some aspects of the project. I would also probably do some extra formatting to the document. Things such as underlining headings, changing the font and the font size, making use of bold and italics.

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