AON – Decorating a Bedroom


My project is about designing and redecorating a bedroom. I chose this topic because I am currently in the middle of an extension within my house and it actually needed to be done.

The software I used was Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Excel. Within these software packages I used features such as Graphs and Charts, Diagrams, Word Art, Text Font, Sizes and Colours. I used these to create a professional and interesting looking project so that it is more appealing to the eye rather than just block text. I also find information in diagrams and charts easier to understand, and since I am the main audience that made sense.


I got my information from Floors 2 Go and B&Q. These were the websites that I researched for flooring and paint for my walls. I also measured the room several times to insure my figures were correct.

Floors 2 Go was a very good site to use as it had a flooring calculator so I could choose my floor and calculate how many boxes I would need and how much it would cost. The site was very easy to use.

The B&Q website was also simple to use and provided a lot of choice with colours of paint, which I found useful.

I knew these sites were reliable because I have bought from these companies before and have had no previous problems.

I only used pictures of the products I wished to purchase within this project. Under fair dealing in the UK (copyright) I was allowed to use these images to demonstrate what the product looked like. These were used and presented as low resolution images.

The information within both of these sites was very user friendly. The products were listed under clear subheadings.


Within my project I found using IT was simple. I think that the main aspects that went well were my research and the use of Microsoft Publisher to present my findings.

I think that the things that didn’t go so well were my calculations as the room does not have exact right angles so some measurements seemed to not add up correctly. I also found that using Diigo was a draw back of this project as I am not used to documenting in this way, I would much rather copy and paste the URL into a Word or Stick Note document and add my own description.

I added a few corrections and improvements to my drafts along the way. These include calculating the Mean and Median of my items to be bought as well as correcting window and door calculations. Between my penultimate and final drafts, I added text colour and word art to make my project more eye catching and professional.

If I had more time I would add a cover to my project and possibly space the information out a bit more to make it more manageable to read in small sections.

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