First week at Swansea Itec

 My name’s Ethan, I’m sixteen and live in Morriston. I’ve just started my first week at Swansea ITeC on Tuesday the 3rd of December; so far I’ve filled in many forms and taken a few basic tests and assessments for maths and english. Apart from that and getting up pretty early in the mornings again it hasn’t been that bad especially seeing as you get £10 a day.

 Before starting here at ITeC I went to Neath College where I was doing 3 A-levels(Graphic Design, 3D Design and Computing) however I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me and that I don’t want to continue on with further education for the time being; for now I’d rather be working and doing work based training which Swansea ITeC provides. At the present time I have fairly reasonable IT skills as I spend a lot of time on my computer doing different things such as creating graphics, making music and gaming which I enjoy. I also built my pc which gave me some knowledge with working on them.

 I’ve spent these first two days with Ethan Smith who also started here at ITeC on Tuesday. 

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