AON Paper Plane Project

I was assigned an AON project to complete as part of my apprenticeship,  as a topic I used making paper planes as I needed to compare the results of each throw (numbers and measurements) to meet standards to achieve the qualification. The first thing that I did was to complete a project planner.

I used Microsoft Excel to display the results of the paper planes, I used Excel as it has all the necessary tools to display and compare numerical figures. I presented my project in a word document as this was the best way to present my findings as I could then format the document by changing font, size, including images and tables.

As part of the project I needed to compare the results of two paper planes. The two paper planes I used were called the ‘Lightning Plane’ and ‘Rapier Plane’,  I used the websites , to help me make the planes.  I knew that both websites were reliable as they were both well set out and included a facebook plugin which allowed people visiting the site to comment/review the contents of the site. As I did not use any images from either website, copyright was not an issue.

I used Diigo to keep an archive of all the resources I used on the internet, it saved me a lot of time as this bookmarked the websites for further use. I used the highlight tool on Diigo to highlight the information I needed on each website.

I found making the planes difficult as the instructions were in a video and it was difficult to keep up.  I found throwing the planes easy.  I had problems inserting the pictures in tables on the word document and this took a few goes, I tried to group the images and wasn’t able to do this, I thought it would be as easy as doing it in PowerPoint.  As I have completed an ECDL qualification I found Excel easy to use and had no problem completing the graphs and using formula to work out the average speed and distances.

In my final draft I had to explain in depth exactly what I had done as my first draft did not give enough information and only gave an overview of the project. I also used the formatting tools to;

  • Change fonts styles and sizes
  •  Add margins
  • Add page numbers
  • Used headers & footers
  • Changed table widths
  • Insert bullet lists
  • Text wrap images

I made these changes to make the document look more professional and display the skills I learned by completing the ECDL qualification.

If I had more time I would have if I had the skills made a more complicated plane, flown the plane more times to have a larger set of data to use for averages and I could have tried a few other designs.

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