For my Application of Number module, I decided to research the cost differences between upgrading and replacing a computer.

To start off with I had to test the CPU and RAM, and to start I guessed some figures on how much certain programs would affect the CPU and RAM by using my own knowledge.

I then had to decipher the specs of the current PC and see where the problems were. To check the performance of the CPU and RAM I used a program called Performance monitor (Perfmon). To check the performance of the Hard Disk Drive I used a program called Treesize.

I recorded this information in the form of tables and graphs which clearly showed the information in an understandable way. To help make the information more understandable I added arrows and side notes to make it obvious what programs i was opening at specific points during the performance monitoring of the CPU and RAM.

I found that when I converted the data into pie charts and line graphs, the information was a lot more understandable because instead of just being raw numbers, it was either slices of a pie chart and lines on a graph.

Once I had monitored the performance of the PC I then researched possible upgrades by using websites like to find compatible RAM for the PC, and to find possible upgrades for the CPU. I also searched the internet for an operating system which would maximize the potential of these upgrades.

After I had gathered the prices for the potential upgrades and added them together, I then used this price as a benchmark for a replacement computer. After searching on the web for a computer in the same price range, I was able to compare the specs.

After comparing the specs I came to the conclusion that upgrading the PC would be more cost effective than replacing the PC.

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