Application Number Project

In the write-up of the application of number project all spelling and sentences are correct and are detailed so if someone was to read it they would be able to follow and understand the work.

The source I got my parts from are very reliable due to I use them at the work place and they have never sent anything faulty and always been on time.

All of the calculations are correct due to using calculator and are layed out in a simple way so other people could use them.

All answers and amounts are rounded off to the closest pound so it’s easier to figure out.

Though the work there are charts which show information from the thing we were doing.

Question 1

I first took the spec of the computer I was using and compared it with prices of upgrading and replacing. I also used graphs to record the data I collected from testing systems performance.

Question 2

I first ran tests on the system I was using at the time to see if anything was struggling with the work we needed to do.

Then I put all the collected data in to line graphs, pie charts and also tables.

I looked up how much it would cost to upgrade and replace system and then compared which one would benefit more to the system.

After completing work went though all stuff I did and made sure everything was spelled correctly and put in the correct places.

I used pie charts and line graphs to display my information.

I used the pie chart to show exactly how much was being used and what was using it.

I used the line graph because it’s easier to take information from the line graph than trying to gather it from another source.

The pie chart was a lot more useful because it shows you the amount used and is very easy to follow.

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