AON Project

What is the topic of your project?

This project is for application of number unit but will incorporate using performance monitoring tools and gathering data to see if it is worth upgrading or buying a new PC.


What decisions did you make at the start of the project?

I decided to use the data from the C drive to gather the evidence for the before and after also used the performance monitoring tool within windows. And that I would input all the data into Excel.

What software did you use?

  • Tree Size
  • Excel
  • Windows Performance monitor

What software features did you use and why

In Excel I used formulas to work out percentages and calculations. in the Windows performance monitor tool I used the selection of percentages.

Where did you get the information?


Why were these good sites to use?

Dabs is very well known and reliable to buy from and the CPU benchmark website was very comprehensive and had a lot of great information on.

How did you know they were reliable?

Mainly from previous experience and also my tutor.

What did you do about copyright?

I didn’t copy and paste anything from there or use direct quotes or information.

Having selected the website how did you find the information within the site?

I used links that looked applicable to what I wanted and the search bars within the website.

Describe your methods for getting results

I used all the software stated and input all the data into Excel using formulas to get accurate results.

What went well in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project?

I learnt how to use diigo and also I learnt how to use performance monitoring and scheduling it to run at certain times.

What was difficult in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project?

I had to Learn how to use formulas in Excel again which I find particularly hard.

How did you checked your work?

I knew a lot from my own knowledge but also asked class mates and my tutor.

Any errors you found, and how, and what you did about them

The machine I used did not have Microsoft security essentials so I reported it to my tutor and left this part out.

Explain the graphs you used and any graphs or diagrams you changed to make them more understandable

I changed the value of the number to % so it would show them in % instead of decimal places making it easier to read also adding headings and sub headings.

How could the project be improved further if you had more time or skills?

I could have gone more in depth maybe scanning the whole computer not just the C drive also running a different performance monitor task.

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