ICT Project: A guide to buying a new Computer

I have created a project about buying a new computer; I chose it because I have an interest in computers and wanted to give others a bit of advice and guidance for buying theirs. To write up the project, I used Microsoft Word and Google Docs, I used these because they had features such as word formatting and picture insertion to make it look more professional.

I got all of my information from the Internet as the information I needed was easy to research; here are two examples of the websites I used:

I used these sites because they have lots of accurate information; they are reliable sources because of their popularity. I have made sure to reference any quotes/prices and clip art images I used in my project with the product image and on the sources page. To avoid copyright issues I checked that images I wanted to use, were free to use. When on each website I used their search bar to find the products/information that I needed.

When researching my project, I used Diigo to capture all bookmarks and signed up to this at  https://www.diigo.com/user/sminnsitec    this was useful (went well) as it prevented me from searching for the websites again when I needed them for further research.

When researching my project, I came across a few ICT related issues, such as not being able to access the Internet, which was corrected after a while. This issue caused me problems when I was researching information and made my progress for the completion of the project slower.

Whilst making my project I made several drafts (another problem – why do so many?) in between drafts I made minor changes such as spelling to the content information, I made these changes in order to improve my work, I also changed some of the headings and layouts to improve the appearance of the information.

If I was to improve my project in any way, I would include more information on each type of computer and maybe include more pictures of each one.

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