Application of number

I recently started Application of Number level 1 project for a managers business conference in London. I did not choose my topic I was asked to complete it by my tutor to achieve the qualification.

I used Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to present my findings and show the different costs of arranging travel and hotel accommodation to/from London . Whilst using these software applications I formatted the presentation with the following features: Fonts, slide layouts, formulas, spell check, and master slides so it would look amazing and spectacular.

I got the information from a variety of different websites including –  and These sites were good to use. I knew they were reliable because I have used them before and the rail website was the official site. When on the websites I used the search tools within the sites to find the exact information that I wanted. Finding the train times went particularly well as the information was easy to find.

The main thing that I did about copyright was to use as many clip art images in my project as possible as there were no copyright issues with them. Finding an image of an Intercity train that was not copyrighted was IMPOSSIBLE!

I think most things went well with my project although I did have a bit of trouble with Diigo as once I had set up the account I couldn’t then log on to check the websites that I had bookmarked, but that was resolved.

I had to make a number of changes from my first draft to my final draft. These included using correct Slide layouts, image changes (as I used an image of an Australian monorail and not a train) and also grammar/spelling corrections. I made these changes as I was instructed by my tutor, I didn’t agree with all the changes I was asked to make and personally thought that the train image was suitable as monorails are used in this country e.g Alton towers theme park.

I think my project is absolutely perfect and could not have been improved in any way possible.

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