Up Goer 5 – My Job Role

The purpose of this task was to write a job description using only the top 1000 used words in the English language.  You can try this for yourself by vising this site: http://splasho.com/upgoer5/

It isn’t as easy as you think.  Here is a part of my job role, and if you can figure out what I do, please tell John as he hasn’t got a clue either…..

One of my job parts is working within the Get More Business team doing business getting. For this part one of the many things I do is to call up businesses that might want to work with us to offer them free or nearly free training. The nearly free bit comes from money given by the owner of the Left-Hand-Side Land of the Joined Lands and is a present given to help make the computer area bigger in the Left-Hand-Side Land. Two of the training roads to be taken are learn for nearly free and learn for very nearly free.



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