UpGoerFive challenge

Today we’ve been practising problem solving techniques using the UpGoerFive Text Editor to try and describe our own job roles using only the most common 1000 words in English!

My first attempt was not good – (the unacceptable words in red!)

I teach apprentices who work in technical support roles. They work towards vocational qualifications which are partly assessed through a portfolio of evidence and partly through technical certificate exams. I also visit them into the workplace to review how they’re progressing and discuss with their employer if they need any further training or support.

I also mark their work and projects, plan how to cover the full curriculum in the required timeframe and undertake network maintenance and running repairs on our own system.

Some of these were easy to swap out.  (job for roletalk with for discuss etc.) Some were very very hard!  (Apprentices, certificates/qualifications)

“A piece of paper which says you can do something” might be a broadly accurate description of a certificate but it lacks a certain kudos!

This was what I finally came up with.  Not entirely content with it, but it’s broadly what I do…

I train young working people who do jobs looking after computers. They try to get important, serious pieces of paper, which say what they know and what they can do in their jobs. I know they can do the work when they can show me the things they have done and I can see that they’re right. They also answer questions. I visit them in the place where they work to see how they’re getting on and talk to the person who looks after them there, to find out if they need any further training or help.

I plan how to cover everything they are supposed to know, in good time.

I also look after the computers here and fix them if they break.

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